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FORT Robotics is the leading safety and security solution for smart machines. We empower people working with robotic, mobile, and autonomous systems to reduce risk, mitigate threats and stay in control.

Our safety-rated hardware and software provide a protective layer for any machine in any worksite, ensuring people stay safe and hackers stay out. FORT's designs remote controls, wireless emergency stops, endpoint controllers, and the dynamic, cloud-based software to create a full-stack, certified solution. Our safety compliant and built-in hardware security can be implemented in a variety of applications for AGVs, AMRs, automated fork trucks, storage and retrieval systems and nearly any electrified machine. The FORT Platform is the only offering bringing safety and security together designed for the unique challenges of autonomy.


New: FORT Platform OverviewThe new FORT Platform is a full-stack safety and security solution designed specifically for autonomous systems. Reduce risk, mitigate threats, and stay in control of any machine operation.Download
Safe Remote Control Data SheetRugged, game-style controller with integrated E-Stop button. Take control of mobile machine systems, robots, and vehicles with a reliable, easy-to-use controller built for safety-critical communication. Download
Wireless E-Stop Data SheetLearn how FORT's Wireless E-Stop can safely stop mobile robots, autonomous systems, industrial machinery, and more. The powerful remote stop button puts safety and productivity in the palm of your hand. Download


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