About RAX Industries Inc.

Robotic End-to-End Material Handling Solutions
RAX is a team of robotics and logistics professionals created 20 years ago to integrate the most advanced Robotic end-to-end Material Handling Solutions. We focus on single order picking of small items with unlimited SKUs. All our implementations across the globe have achieved significant enhancements in operational efficiency, including increased space efficiency, reduced or increased stock holdings and increased productivity.

Contact Us

5900 Rathbone Drive
Parker, TX 75002

Andy Vairac, Head of Sales
Phone: +33 607939807

Brands / Products

  • rAm
  • RAX Solutions
  • rBox
  • rBox Plus
  • rLoader

Product Categories

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Order Picking Fulfillment & Delivery
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Wholesale Distribution

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