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Prime Robotics develops optimized robotic automation solutions that leverage best in class robotics and powerful software to deliver an 8-10x increase in productivity.

We are full-view warehouse optimization experts who delve into our customer's unique operation to identify all the process workflows that can be made more efficient. Then we develop a custom robotic automation solution that builds on these new-found efficiencies to produce productivity gains beyond what’s possible by simply adding robots.

MobileShelf is a best-in-class AMR and MobilePallet is a robust pallet carrier able to move 3,300 lbs. Integration with virtually all WMS and Order Management Systems including SellerCloud and Shopify is easy. Our unmatched 24/7 customer support by real people sets us apart.

We envision autonomous robots for the entire supply chain. They will drive inventory from the warehouse, onto the truck, then onto the store floor -- it's being developed now at our headquarters in Denver, CO.


AutoShelf - Revolutionizing Autonomous LogisticsThe Autonomous Shelf is a smart, mobile vehicle for your inventory that can take it virtually anywhere. It can take inventory from a warehouse, onto a truck, then to a store floor where shoppers can select an item. AutoShelf is an intermodal transportation system that eliminates many steps in the supply chain to reduce the number of human touches.Download
MobilePallet Moves up to 3,300 lb. pallets throughMobilePallet dramatically reduces the time and labor to move pallet in the warehouse. Once placed by a forklift onto a MobilePallet platform, our robot can move it throughout the warehouse autonomously where it can be stored in inventory, then called up to a Pick Station or staging area via our Robot Control System that talks to your WMS.Download
MobileShelf increases productivity 8-10xOur MobileShelf automation solution leverages proven AMR technology and Prime Robotics' powerful software, including our exclusive workflow builder that learns your operation's workflows. A picker can remain stationary at a Pick Station and can make 350 picks per hour. Manages inventory at every stage from inbound to storage to order fulfillment.Download


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