About Beijing Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.

Geek+ is well-funded (it has raised $150 million in Series B), has 600+ employees, and provides one-stop AI and robotic solutions to enhance efficiency for users in warehouse management. Geek+ attempts to simplify steps in order fulfillment, material handling, and sorting using AI and robotics to reduce labor, optimize parcel consolidation and the picking process, and manage fleets of robots.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies of robotics and AI, the product lines of Geek+ has become comprehensive, and have been developed to satisfy various application scenarios, including:

* Geek Picking System for order fulfillment in E-commerce and retailing industries;
* Geek Moving System for material handling in factory logistics;
* Geek Sorting System for parcels sortation in express;
* Geek Automated Forklift and collaborative robot for unmanned warehouse; and
* Geek Robot Shuttle System for bin-carrying with single layer rack and multi-layer mezzanine rack.


  • Geek Plus Picking System by Geek+

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