About Geek+

Geek+ is a global provider of intelligent robotics solutions for logistics in warehousing and manufacturing. By combining AI and autonomous mobile robots, Geek+ has developed a wide range of robotics solutions that can simplify and streamline processes for picking, sorting, moving and more. Based on modular hardware and software, the solutions can be integrated and tailored to fit each customer’s site and business needs. In turn, Geek+ attempts to solve industry bottlenecks and equip businesses with a tool that can bring efficiency and flexibility to the supply chain.

Today, Geek+ has a wide range of systems and product lines applicable to varying scenarios such as:

- Geek+ picking system for order-fulfillment in e-commerce and retail.
- Geek+ moving system for material handling and factory logistics.
- Geek+ sorting system for intelligent parcel sortation in e-commerce and express.
- Geek+ automated forklift system for unmanned warehouses.


  • Geek+ and ASDA introduce automated sortation to Supermarket fulfillment in the UK

  • See PopPick - The New Goods-to-Person Solution for High-Density Storage

  • Geek+ and Circle K implement Asia's largest Smart Warehouse for Grocery Deliveries

  • Geek+ and DHL showcase the future of Robotics Automation in DHL’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center

  • RoboShuttle Tote-to-Person Solution

  • Geek+ and FDL deploy smart sorting robots for B2C deliveries

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