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Eurotec is an international operating industrial company dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-tech equipment solutions for logistics. Eurotec is part of Eurogroep. Within the group, Eurotec can draw from a broad experience of already developed equipment. This provides an important contribution for customers to facilitate the development of processes. This combination results in high-tech equipment that supports and optimizes customer business processes. It makes Eurotec a target oriented and highly reliable partner.

At Eurotec we have developed the Lowpad. The Lowpad is an unique high-tech solution to optimize internal logistic and distribution processes in all types of businesses. It is equipped with independent driven steering wheels and a multifunctional Lidar camera system in order to operate autonomously. The Lowpad can be operated without any modifications to the existing infrastructure.


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  • ASM presented the award winning Lowpad

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Jonathan van den dool, Sales Manager
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