About Cherry's Industrial Equipment Corp.

Cherry’s was originally founded in 1982 to market the pallet inverter, a new piece of material-handling equipment developed to turn entire pallet loads over to safely recover and replace damaged products. This little “niche” product soon became a must-have for all material handlers. Our Cherry’s-brand inverters now handle hundreds of products every day, from Campbell’s soup to lottery tickets, from ATM machines to cosmetics. Our passion is to create lasting solutions to the problems of the pallet industry: repetitive motion injuries, back strain, fatigue, and other incidents resulting in harm to employees, expensive workmen’s compensation claims, and lost hours. The success of our pallet inverter allowed us to expand our product line to offer additional pallet handling equipment and supplies, with dozens of different models and custom designs—all geared toward reducing risk in the manufacturing and warehouse industries, increasing safety, and saving valuable time.


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  • Custom Material Handling Equipment

  • SC Pallet Inverter: Double Load Handling

  • PSR-CF Conveyor Fed Freezer Spacer Remover

  • Deep V Changer

  • Low Duty 90 Degree Roll and Coil Tipper

  • The different type of MultiRoll Roller Skids- uses

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600 Morse Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Kunal Shah
Phone: 800-350-0011
Fax: 800-350-8454

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  • AlumimumPallet.com
  • Cherry's
  • CherrysInd.com
  • CollapsibleContainers.com
  • FloorSafetyTape.com
  • Material-Handling.com
  • Pallet Dispenser.com
  • PalletInverter.com
  • PalletTruck.com
  • PalletWasher.com
  • PalletWedge.com
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  • Safety Guards.com
  • Slipsheet.net
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  • Upenders.com
  • WireContainers.com
  • WireDecking.com

Product Categories

  • Batteries/Chargers/Motors/Fuel/Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Cleaning Systems & Equipment
  • Containers & Dunnage
  • Decking & Flooring
  • Hand Lift Trucks
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Components/Controls
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Lift Products
  • Lift Trucks, Personnel & Burden Carriers
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Packaging & Unitizing Machinery & Materials
  • Pallets & Palletizers
  • Plant/Facility Equipment
  • Racks
  • Remote Control Equipment
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Safety Equipment & Ergonomics
  • Shelving, Workstations & Plant Furniture
  • Systems Integration Services

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