About Power Electronics International, Inc.

Power Electronics® International, Inc.® manufacturers one of the only +60 degrees Celsius, MILL-duty controls, designed specifically for overhead cranes and hoists. A.C. Smooth-Move® single and two-speed soft-starts with patented ARC-ELIMINATION™, Micro-Speed® Smart-Move®, CX™, and Multi-Vector® Micro-Speed® Ultra™PWM A.C. variable speed drives featuring easy Gang-Set™ programming and 300% over current capacity. Complete hoist, trolley, bridge, and monorail control panel solutions available. S.A.M.™ Anti-Sway™. Power-Pairing™ up to 2x600 Hp hoist or other motors. www.PEinfo.com

Brands / Products

  • Micro-Speed® CX™
  • Micro-Speed® Multi-Vector® Ultra™
  • Micro-Speed® MX™
  • Micro-Speed® Smart-Move®
  • Ready-Built™ Bridge Panels
  • Smooth-Move®

Product Categories

  • Controls and Controlling Devices
  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Components/Controls
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Plant/Facility Equipment and Management
  • Remote Control Equipment
  • Robotics

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561-8 Plate Drive
East Dundee, IL 60188-2444

PE® Sales Office
Phone: 847-428-9494
Fax: 847-428-7744

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