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Ever seen a fixed wheel go sideways? Our Rotacaster wheel is an Australian owned, made and patented multi-directional wheel with 360° turn mobility. We’ve combined the simplicity and functionality of a fixed wheel with the mobility of a swivel caster. We haven't reinvented the wheel, just given it a revolution. Our wheels are designed from full polymer construction, providing an impact and corrosion-resistant alternative to ball transfers and other omni-directional wheels. With the ease of mounting and directional tracking control, we achieve outstanding results for our clients and partners, including Woolworths, Coles, Liquorland, BOC, PFD Foodservices and Coca-Cola. In fact, for one well-known Australian customer, we were able to replace a previous manual task with a specifically designed Rotatruck (our 4-wheeled hand truck) to transform and improve the hand truck functionality that has done the same thing in the same manner for centuries. ROI from day one; and total cost recovery.


  • Rotacaster Handtrucks Revolutionising the last 100

  • Powered multidirectional Transfer Table

  • "MilkCrate" Rotatruck

  • Self Supporting Rotatruck

  • Milk Crate Truck

  • Gas Cylinder Truck


Gas Cylinder handling RotatrucksSee the complete range self-supporting gas cylinder handling Rotatrucks, which make hard work easy when it comes to moving one, two or multiple gas cylinders. Download
Rotacaster Product MapSee the complete range of multi-directional Rotacasters including available fitments and rigs as well as technical details, weights and measures for each Rotacaster omni wheel.Download
Rotatruck Discussion GuideLearn why the award-winning self-supporting Rotatruck will make your work easy and see why it is one of the few manual handling tools that improve productivity plus safety and delivers a great return on investment.Download
Rotatruck Product MapSee the complete range of easier, quicker and safer self-supporting Rotatrucks which make hard work easy across a range of specific and universal manual handling tasks. Download

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