About Signode Industrial Group

Signode Industrial Group, the Transit Packaging division of Crown Holdings, Inc. serves a broad range of markets, customers and geographies with leading end-of-line packaging products and solutions. We have a comprehensive set of products and services to satisfy all of your transit packaging requirements. We produce strap, stretch and protective packaging. We also manufacture packaging tools and equipment used to apply the bulk packaging materials. These commercial packaging products are used to pack, bundle and unitize goods to protect our customer’s products from production through warehousing and transport. Our company is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the sector. The $2.4 billion global company has 95 manufacturing facilities across six continents.


BXT3 Battery-powered Tools for Plastic StrappingDownload
MOD-GPXPlastic Strapping System Semiautomatic or AutomaticDownload
Octopus™ Compact 20 TSIRotary Ring WrapperDownload
Storfast Warehouse AutomationFully-integrated Warehouse Automation SolutionsDownload


  • MOD-GPX Semiautomatic or Automatic Plastic Strappi

  • Octopus "C" Series Automatic Stretch Wrapper

  • Storfast Warehouse Automation English

Contact Us

3650 West Lake Ave.
Glenview, IL 60026

Michael Stein / Global Marketing Director
Phone: 847-724-6100
Fax: 847-657-5199

Brands / Products

  • Acme Packaging
  • Angleboard
  • Bader Cargo Pak
  • Cader
  • Caretex
  • Celcor
  • Dacro
  • Down River,
  • Fleetwood
  • GaleWrap
  • H.Bohl
  • Haloila
  • Josef Kihlberg
  • Kiwiplan
  • Lachenmeier
  • Little David
  • Lock N’ Pop
  • Loveshaw
  • Mezger Heftsysteme
  • Mima
  • MIP
  • Muller
  • Multi-Wall
  • Octopus
  • Orgapack
  • PDM
  • Reddi-Pac
  • Shippers Products
  • Signode
  • Silawrap
  • Storfast
  • Strapex
  • Yellow Jacket

Product Categories

  • Packaging & Unitizing Machinery & Materials

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