About Siemens Logistics LLC

Siemens Logistics LLC, headquartered in DFW Airport, TX (USA), is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions for our customers in the postal, parcel, airport, distribution and oil & gas markets. The range of expertise we provide spans the entire product life-cycle, from innovation through mechanical. This includes supply chain management, warehouse IT, electrical, software engineering, manufacturing, onsite installation, digital logistics, and product and system support. We are your trusted solution provider for all your material handling and logistics needs.


  • Siemens Automated Bag Management System (ABMS)

  • Siemens RUBUS Unloading System

  • Siemens Solutions for efficient parcel sorting

  • Solutions for small parcels from Siemens Logistics

Contact Us

2700 Esters Blvd., Suite 200B
P.O. Box 613209
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Brands / Products

  • Automatic Bag Management System (ABMS) - Small parcel bag automation solution
  • AX4 Digital Supply Chain - Cloud-based IT logistics platform
  • RUBUS Automatic Trailer Unloader Bulk-Flow - Automatic Trailer Unloader with bulk parcel output
  • RUBUS Stream-Flow - Automatic Trailer Unloader with semi-singulated parcel output
  • Sibag HSD 3.0 - Dual belted arm conveyor diverter
  • VarioBelt Parcel Conveyor - Bolt-up belt conveyor for parcels
  • VarioInduct / HSI - High speed automatic parcel induction for loop sorters
  • VarioInduct / SAI - Semi-automatic parcel induction for loop sorters
  • VarioReach / TCB - Belted extendible unloader / loader
  • VarioReach / TCG - Declined gravity wheel extendible loader
  • VarioRoute MergeSplit / VR 800/ VR1600 - High performance steerable wheel parcel merge or split
  • VarioSort EXB Single / EXB-S - Crossbelt parcel loop sorter with single belted carriers
  • VarioSort EXB Twin / EXB-T - Crossbelt parcel loop sorter with dual belted carriers
  • Visicon Capella - High performance small parcel singulator
  • Visicon Polaris - High performance standard parcel singular

Product Categories

  • Air Transportation
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Computer Hardware and/or Software
  • Controls and Controlling Devices
  • Conveyors
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Rail Transportation
  • Sortation Equipment
  • Truck Transportation

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