About Gorbel Inc.

Gorbel has over 40 years of experience providing material handling solutions that help companies improve their safety, ergonomics, and productivity.

Gorbel manufactures a comprehensive line of Crane Technology products, including enclosed track workstation bridge cranes, Cleveland Tramrail patented track cranes, I-beam jib cranes, gantries, and work station jib cranes. We also have an exciting line of Ergonomic Lifting products, featuring our G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device, Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm, and our GS Series Electric Chain Hoists.

Gorbel cranes and lifting devices are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, chemicals, clean rooms, farm equipment, food & beverage, HVAC, injection molding, landfills, machine shops, metals, military, packaging, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics, stone fabrication, textiles, and the windpower/wind turbine market.

Case Studies

»300% Increase in Productivity With Help of Easy Arm®...
»Achieving Ergonomic Sustainability with the Gorbel PIVOT PRO™
»Addition of Work Station Crane Increases Productivity for Glass Mirror Manufacturer
»An "Outside the Box" Solution Helps Increase Productivity for Electrical Enclosure Manufacture
»Articulating Jib Assists With Bridge Maintenance
»Busting Up "Log-jams" With The G-Jib®
»Cleveland Tramrail® Monorail Reduces Maintenance and Increases Safety In Lab
»Cranes Lift Aircraft Firms Productivity
»Cranes Lift Aircraft Firm's Productivity
»Custom Gorbel Easy Arm® Helps in Packaging Process
»Custom Gorbel Easy Arms® Solve Safety and Productivity Problems
»Custom Header/Column Connections Allows Wall to Wall Coverage In Small Machine Shop
»Custom Supports In Action: Custom Supports for Work Station Cranes Give Machine Shop Freedom & Flexibility
»Custom Work Station Crane Application Improves Productivity
»Easy Arm and G-Force Help Increase Efficiency in Power & Electric Facility Work
»Easy Arm Easily Adapts to Automotive Assembly Process
»Easy Arm Helps Manufacturer improve Cycle Times
»Easy Arm® Easily Adapts to Automotive Assembly Process
»Easy Arms Help Reduce Injuries AND Increase Productivity
»Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Device In Action: Precision Lifting Protects People And Products
»Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Device In Action: Precision Placement Protects Pumps on Test Stand
»Electrical Enclosure Company Gets an “Outside the Box” Lifting Solution
»Experienced Customer Chooses Work Station Cranes Over I-Beam Cranes
»Free Standing One-Ton Jib Crane Reduces Need for Other Types of Handling
»Free Standing Workstation Crane Pipe Fabrication Application
»Getting It Right With A Work Station Bridge Crane Before Production Starts
»G-Force® A Hot Topic After Huge Boost To Productivity
»G-Force® Helps Company Become Ergonomically Friendly
»G-Force® Impresses Physician In Annual Injury Prevention Visit
»G-Force® Proves It Can Handle The Heat
»Gorbel Cranes Easily Accommodate Growing Facility
»Gorbel Easy Arm® Makes Automobile Suspension Installation Easier
»Gorbel Free Standing Work Station Cranes Help Keep Sellick Equipment Moving With Ease of Use
»Gorbel G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device Handling Various Sizes With a Sensitive Touch
»Gorbel G-Force® iQ Units: Synchronized Lifting
»Gorbel G-Force®: Reducing Labor Costs and Providing Safe Solutions for Powder Coating Company
»Gorbel Jib Lifts Oceanographic Institute Out Of Deep Water
»Gorbel Keeps Things Moving For Pump Manufacturer
»Gorbel Work Station Bridge Crane Helps Increase Speed and Safety
»Gorbel Work Station Cranes Help Distribution Center Improve Productivity
»Gorbel® Crane Increases Productivity 40%...Eliminates Need For Overtime
»Gorbel® G-Force Improves Ergonomics and Productivity
»Gorbel® Work Station Cranes: Matching Workflow and Increasing Productivity
»Grúas para estaciones de trabajo en acción: Paletizado
»Hybrid System Used In Place of Conventional Enclosed Track
»Increasing Efficiency by Adapting Existing Work Station Crane / Adding a GS Series Hoist
»Increasing Productivity in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry
»Intelligent Lifting Device Helps Pump Manufacturer Improve Safety and Double Productivity
»Intelligent Lifting In Action: Damage & Injury Risk “virtually” Eliminated with Gorbel’s G-Force
»Labor Costs Reduced with Addition of Work Station Bridge and Work Station Jib Crane
»Las grúas elevan la productividad de la empresa aeronáutica
»Mobile Easy Arm® with Powered Portable Base Ideal for Warehousing and Distribution
»Moving Large Pieces in the High End Office Furniture Industry
»Moving Superchargers in the Automotive Industry with Gorbel’s G-Force® iQ
»Multiple Rolls Handled with Ease by Gorbel Easy Arm® and Cynergy Tooling Solution
»No Lost Time Accidents Since Addition of Gorbel Bridge Crane
»One Injury Far Too Many For This Utility Company's Workers
»Operators More Productive with Addition of Wall Bracket Jib Crane
»Operators More Productive with Addition of Wall Bracket Jib Crane
»Operators More Productive with Addition of Wall Bracket Jib Crane
»Output Per-Hour Increases With Help Of Cleveland Tramrail™ Systems
»Overhead Crane System Gives Worker Health a Lift
»Production In Work Cell Increases With Help Of Easy Arm®
»Productivity Doubles With Help of Work Station Bridge Crane
»Risk Takers Heed Warning When It Comes To Risking Employee's Safety
»Tarca® System Helps Save Valuable Floor Space
»Tarca® Systems Helps Double Productivity For Distributor
»Telescoping Bridge Helps Overcome Spacing Issues
»Telescoping Bridge on Free Standing Work Station Crane Helps Streamline Roll Handling Operation
»Wire Company Gets Productivity Jolt With Gorbel® Work Station Crane
»Work Station Crane & GS Series Chain Hoists A Winning Combination for Speed & Productivity
»Work Station Crane Helps 1 Worker Lift 850# Granite Slabs
»Work Station Crane Helps Commercial Printer Increase Safety And Decrease Product Damage
»Work Station Crane Helps Protect Product And Workers In Fabricated Stone Industry
»Work Station Crane Solves Handling Problems
»Work Station Crane with G-Force® Helps Workers Catch Up To Assembly Line's Output... To Assembly Line's Output...
»Work Station Crane's Flexibility Wins Customer's Loyalty
»Workstation Crane Solves Handling Problems


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  • PivotPro™
  • Tarca®

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