About PSI Engineering

PSI Engineering automates the packing of orders within client DCs by using patented equipment combined with in-house middleware. Since 1989, PSI has provided cost-effective fulfillment solutions for the eCommerce, 3PL, direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging & order fulfillment industries spanning the globe. PSI has installed our high-speed print-on-demand and pre-printed document insertion feeders from N.America to the UK/Europe to S.Africa and Australia. Helping our clients solve their challenging document insertion requirements is our primary goal.

For over 25 years, PSI has been aiding our clients to reduce bottlenecks and optimize order fulfillment packline stations while increasing order accuracy and throughput by reducing operating costs leading to improved profit per order and increasing repeat client orders. PSI solutions combine best-in-class equipment and turnkey middleware that integrates seamlessly with even the most complex ERP or WMS.


Large Capacity In-Line Friction FeederPSI Engineering’s LC IN-Feeder has the longest running belts due to patented design, adjusts easily for different stocks of material and sizes, “Load-on-the-Fly” tech optimizes labor and PSI barcode verification process can eliminate human error.Download
AutoSlipPSI customers have doubled their packing station output using AutoSlip’s one step fold, insert and apply system versus manually printing, inserting and attaching packing slip documents. Automating the packing slip insertion increases packing station throughput, while reducing costs associated with fulfillment systems bottlenecks.Download
MVP Packet Fulfillment SystemPSI Engineering's MVP Packet Fulfillment System offers closed or open case insertion of marketing collateral within sealed cohesive transparent or opaque packet. These packets are automatically applied onto the top or side of closed cases or inserted into open cases in line.Download
PackStation IntegrationThe pack station is where inventory is capitalized by converting products into orders in the space between the pick area and the shipping dock(s). Let the PSI team show you how to ship more orders on time with less people ensuring your clients get their products faster with customized messaging and product/pack list more efficiently.Download
Product & Document Fulfillment Solution (PDFS)PSI Engineering's Product & Document Fulfillment Solution (PDFS) improves packaging line efficiency by integrating versatile automated order fulfillment systems that can handle single or multi-item orders at a rate of up to 1,500 orders per hour. In most cases only one operator is required.Download
PSI Common ComponentsPSI Engineering is the leader in manufacturing, servicing and supporting innovative automated pack station and order fulfillment solutions.Download
Rapid Flow Automated Pack Station LinePSI Engineering's Rapid Flow Automated Pack Station Line integrates software, conveyors, patented PSI systems & inline equipment that is fully synchronized to print/insert or apply pack slips, ship labels, marketing collateral at high volumes to help 3PL’s & distribution centers meet their same day ship orders at the lowest cost per order metric.Download


  • PDFS Apparel Ecommerce Order Fulfillment system

  • PSI Engineering - LC In-Feeder 3000 - Document Aut

  • PSI Engineering - AutoSlip w/ Side Applicator - Do

  • PSI Engineering - MVP System

  • Print Feeder Automated Document Printing and Inser

  • Automated Carton Sizing Optimizer2

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