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Based in East Granby, CT Pcdata USA is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation. Pcdata USA’s Pick-to-light systems are part of a lean manufacturing and distribution process, offering shorter throughput, fewer errors and significant cost savings. Unlike implementation products, the easy installation solution is resulting in huge product growth throughout North America.

Pcdata USA is represented in a wide variety of industry sectors including apparel, cosmetics, E-commerce fulfillment, Third party Logistics (3PL), wholesale distribution, food service, healthcare, pharmaceutical, production & assembly, as well as bakeries around the world. Products include Pick-to-light, PTL in hybrid solutions, PickCart, PickStar, Distrib AR Smart Glass and DockManager.


Distrib AR or Smart GlassThe latest addition to pcdata’s portfolio of paperless picking solutions is Distrib Augmented Reality (AR) a.k.a. ‘Smart Glass’. ‘Revolutionary’ is an overused term, but Distrib AR has this potential as it takes full advantage of the latest mobile technology developments available in the market.Download
Miller Ingenuity Pick to Light The hybrid Pick-To-Light is based on SKU velocity. When SKU is properly analyzed Pcdata USA’s Pick-To-Light (PTL) is a tool that is often overlooked in the search for warehouse technology and can be over 30% more effective than rival order pick methods.Download
Order Fulfillment,Tracing Solutions for 3PLsPcdata’s growing installed base and reputation as a leading 3rd party logistics (3PL) solutions provider is not a fluke. Our company product philosophy fits seamlessly with the operational needs and the dynamic nature of most 3PL’s businesses. With systems such as Distrib XE, PickStar and PickCart we are sure to find a solution for your business. Download
Pcdata Pick to Light and Pick to Color Case StudyKeller Kitchen factory used paper order picking lists for thousands of small items for years. A few years ago, the error-prone and inefficient method was replaced by a Pcdata Pick to Light and Pick to Color system. The new system drastically improved Keller’s daily operation. Delivery reliability and productivity increased sharply. Download
PickCartPickCart is Pcdata’s NEW innovative multi order picking solution which will rapidly reduce your order assembly time in a high SKU count, low volume warehouse operations. Designed to maximize efficiency during the picking process, our PickCart is mounted with the latest route optimization software, ensuring the lowest possible distance is traveled. Download
PickStar - Next Generation Pick To Light SystemPickStar is Pcdata’s next generation Pick to Light solution that can be installed in just about any environment with minimal operational impact. PickStar’s software has been designed with ease of use and operational simplicity in mind.Download
PickStar Case StudyThe Besam division of ASSA ABLOY was facing issues with incorrect deliveries to their field engineers as a result of picking errors from the parts warehouse in the Czech Republic. These errors were costly from both a financial and customer relations perspective. ASSA ABLOY turned to Pcdata and implemented the PickStar Pick to Light systems.Download
Pick-to-Light CasestudyFulfillment experts Wir Packen’s, chose Pick to Light as the perfect order assembly tool for their prestigious Nespresso, Germany contract.Download


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